Thursdays in the Freelance Jungle abound with freelance educational opportunities and more via the I made this Thursday thread. We avoid turning the Freelance Jungle into a spam-hollow by restricting our member promotional times to Thursdays. On the IMT thread, freelancers can share their latest client work, their side hustles, the innovations they’ve created and more.

That way, we get a solid thread that can turn into a blog and be scanned by those who want to read them. Leaving the main group free from self-promotion and still focussed on general conversation and assistance.

Sometimes, we get a spate of the same sort of content. How we learn and what we teach is one such subject.

From mid-July to mid-August, here is the wrap up of freelance educational opportunities, creative side hustles and exhibitions. Where possible, we’ve included replays for any time sensitive events

Freelance educational opportunities – classes and courses

Freelancers bloody love teaching and learning, so it stands to reason we’d end up with a slew of classes and courses on occasion.

Cartoonists and Illustrators chat with Davin Blumensteid

I’m having a live chat tomorrow evening with cartoonists/illustrators Judy Horacek, Kim Lam, Peter Broelman and Sreeneha Reddy about the state of the cartooning industry.

Anyone can listen in at (direct link of action replay is And I drew this for it.

Implement my course with Claire Emerson

Last week I shipped a massive project — my first course.

It’s a free 10-day email course on how to apply what you learn without procrastination poisoning your progress. In the first lesson, I expose you to the “hidden how-to” and why it’s holding you hostage from the results you want.

You can check it out here:

Strategic communications and messaging with Gemma Pitcher

I rolled out the second dates in my course on messaging for advocacy (aka how to get people to do your activist stuff). Pretty chuffed with some great feedback on the first course, which I did a couple of weeks ago.

Copywriting Master Class with Belinda Weaver

My Copywriting Master Class course is open on Monday August 03 (US time — so that’s Tuesday down under!)

It’s a course for aspiring copywriting looking to learn essential writing skills and working copywriting who want to reset their technical foundation.

You learn then do and there’s a LOT of hands-on coaching from me to help you improve your writing, faster.

End of life doula training with Dr Annetta Mallon

I have been working incredibly hard on networking, inviting expert specialists to contribute to a new and comprehensive End of Life Consultant training course that is completely online. The first core content, Tier 1, has launched.

Digital Employability Skills with Lotti Kershaw

I just wanted to share that this week I launch my first online course, a Department of Education funded course, which launches tonight with 6 sign ups so far. It has been a few weeks of blood, sweat and tears!

Action replay: Super for freelancers with Lillie Brown

I’m the marketing manager over at Creative Plus Business and we’re hosting a free webinar called Super for Freelancers where we’ll be giving attendees the lowdown on all things super.

It’s not a very sexy topic, but since most freelancers are entitled to it (even when working under an ABN!) and not being paid what’s due, it’s something that’s very important. We get underpaid enough as it is in the freelance world, so it’s crucial to know what you’re entitled to and what to do about it.

For more details and to save your spot head to the link below. See you there 💃💃

Think inside the square virtual experiences with Jacqui Bonner

I was on a panel for Australia Council for the Arts talking about digital marketing for the industry and to discuss solutions and ideas surrounding COVID-19. Basically, it’s a where to from here for the arts and cultural industry and how people are adapting. Link is here if anyone’s interested.

Freelance educational opportunities – mentoring in Wollongong

As luck would have it, the headquarters of the Freelance Jungle (Wollongong) has some freelance educational opportunities in the shape of mentoring. Check them out!

Writer mentoring with Wollongong author Chloe Higgins

I recently formalised my business mentoring writers. I’ve set it up to run in three-month cycles of working with me and the next round starts this Friday and I’m so excited. 😍 It’s pretty much fully booked now, and I’m so blown away by the student interest and their projects and enthusiasm. So crazy how much the students seem to benefit (one course just finished), that this all came together so easily and that I enjoy it so much. Not sure what support I need but I guess I can just post my Insta here in case anyone has dreams of being a writer:

Art mentors with Phuong Barraclough

I’m currently piloting a creative arts program helping high school students develop their soft skills, and also help express and articulate their emotions through art therapy. Just kicked off day 1 today, and the students loved it! I’m always looking for more artists to collaborate with to help mentor these kids. Get in touch via to find out more.

Educating the public through new innovations

Not all freelance educational opportunities are directed at our peers. We’re great at innovation and creativity, too!

Catalize app with Julia Seifert

I’ve recently launched an app to help people find workout buddies. In the last week three people signed up that aren’t friends and family!

It’s called Catalize and is available for Android and iOS if you want to check it out.

Aqua-aerem with Dr Jarrod Ward

This project has finally been made public. Generating water from air and then turning it into hydrogen in arid environments. Any shares and likes will help spread the reach of this post and the technology. Watch this space.

Urangan Pier Sunset (music) with Helen Perris

I released another piano composition out into the wild this week. I have been composing these pieces to give my students beautiful new music to learn while we are having our lessons online. This one is called Urangan Pier Sunset and it is a companion piece to Urangan Pier Sunrise that was released earlier this year. Urangan is a coastal town near where I grew up in Queensland.

You can listen to the piece here:

And the sheet music can be purchased from

Freelance side hustles

Many freelancers spread their wings into the side hustles to ensure additional revenue streams, the opportunity to stretch our talents further, and to chase the dreams we believe worth living. Here are some of those on display outside the freelance educational opportunities’ realm.

Central Coast coworking research and competition with Melanie Archer

Calling all Central Coast residents! I’m after 5 minutes of your time to answer some questions about how you’re “working” during COVID.

Your answers will help us determine & develop relevant services required to support people who live and work on the Central Coast.

ALL ENTRIES WILL GO INTO THE DRAW TO WIN a 3-month membership at The Foundry Cowork!

Final Moves with Sandy Shailes

Introducing my little passionate side hustle…celebrating and discovering lives well lived.

Dandenong Ranges Calendar with Kathie Thomas

My side hustle is photography, which is getting more of my time and attention at the moment, due to this pandemic – as some of my VA clients are being rather quiet. I took this shot yesterday morning outside our home – I could see it through our office window so raced outside. I am currently preparing a calendar for my region of the Dandenong Ranges – I do this every year. Details can be found at

Jewellery with Elizabeth Gilmore

Two years ago, I brought a heap of pearl cage necklaces with the intention of making resin jewellery with bits of hair or fur of animals. In the end I found some gorgeous gems and put them in instead. And I think it worked out perfectly.

Personalised wooden birth chart with Nisha Prakash

Hey everyone! I’ve just launched my first ever Etsy store and product… a personalised wooden birth chart! Extremely excited to use my knowledge as a JWG evolutionary astrology student, with my partner’s skills in woodworking.

Surface pattern design with Jennifer Holland

I am learning the ins and outs of surface pattern design to assist a non-designer friend with a fabric supply business. I just had a photo of one of my prints sent to me on sample fabric and its super fun to see!

Knitting with Eliza May’d

I’ve been ramping up my knitted collection of fruit beanies this week. I’d love some likes and follows of my Facebook page Eliza May’d or if you’re looking for some beanies pop over to the shop:

Freelance exhibitions

Bringing together community and creativity under one heading are the freelance exhibitions of the month.

Together Apart exhibition with Wollongong photographer Sam St Jon

Check out this wrap up of the Together Apart exhibition. If anyone wants to be part of the series you can go to the project’s page Together Apart Wollongong and sign up.

Also, I’m pretty chuffed with all the posters and postcards with the Renew Wollongong container exhibition designed by Emma Leigh Meldrum for the project. She’s done a brilliant job.

Letters of the Riverland with Alysha Herrmann

Finished and launched a projection artwork in my local community –

Letters of the Riverland with Alysha Herrmann

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