Celebrating freelance article writers, authors and more

When it comes to freelance article writers, authors and other forms of wordsmiths, the Freelance Jungle is full of representation. Indeed, our surveys regularly show up writers and content creators as the biggest membership of the group.

So, it’s not surprising we have an abundance of great written content to celebrate among the ‘I made this Thursday’ or #IMT thread.


Here is a smattering of work from our resident freelance article writers, authors and wordsmiths on display.


The straight up freelance article writers

Whether for our own blogs or the blogs, news outlets and other sources of others, our freelance article writers are as prolific as they are varied. Check this out.

Art and optimism with Mike Wells

I wrote a thing… about art and optimism.


Book reviews with Matthew Smith

I’ve just written a book review of Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go: 


Travel article writing with Sam Walker

It’s been a while – few years – since I wrote an actual feature, for an actual magazine. And it was so damn uncomfortable writing it about myself.


Publishing digital stories with Nat Rogers

I’ve worked in media since the inception of everyday digital usage. BUT I find the idea that the world outside the media has fully claimed the power to tell their stories pretty flipping awesome. A mum, at home, on her phone, is kicking advertisers out of our eyeball-space for the cost of a phone and an internet connection.

I love the egalitarian aspect of “normal” people publishing stories online!


Writing about writing with Vanessa Smith

I shared what writing has always meant for me with a story I dug out from when I was in early primary school and used it as part of my Patreon launch


Creative non-fiction withVirginia Muzik

I’ve been exploring creative non-fiction writing for the last year and had a 2nd memoir piece published recently on Stereo Stories. Yesterday, I submitted my 1st essay to a literary journal. Fingers crossed while biting my nails!



Outside freelance article writers

Not all our writers in the Jungle use the shorter forms. Beyond freelance article writers, we are fortunate to have many book authors in our membership.

Non-fiction writing

Western Australian history with Alex Malgosia Kopp

My second book is finally out! Only took about five years to get from the idea to the hard copy, but – whatevs. So happy to have it here. It is published by the WA Museum and based on an amazing story of one of the first European settlers to arrive to the Swan River Colony in WA.


Growing up Disabled with Carly Findlay

I released a book – it is Growing Up Disabled in Australia. It’s in paperback and eBook and soon to be audiobook

The reception has been amazing https://www.blackincbooks.com.au/books/growing-disabled-australia

VW travels with Meredith Scofield

Book cover for "Around Australia at 80ks". A woman, man and a dog stand in front of a yellow VW van parked in front of tin shed service station with 'Nullabor' painted on the tin roof.My first book comes out on September 28th with Affirm Press. It’s just gone to print! Very excited. It’s a travel journal / guidebook of a trip I did around Australia in my 1975 kombi.



Children’s literature

Children’s literature is another popular topic outside the freelance article writing and adult book writing featured. If you’re looking for something uniquely Australian for the kids, take a gander at these titles.

Ella Arrives in Australia by Sheree Chambers

A children's book "Ella arrives in Australia". It’s yellow cover has an illustration of a little girl with ponytails and a hat who holding a multicoloured wheely suitcase. I’ve written and published my very first children’s book! The proof copies arrived this week.

This is the first in an alphabet series about Australia, Ella Arrives in Australia, and it comes out in a few weeks.

The best support would be either buying a copy or telling people in your life who have little people who may enjoy this. I would love to spread the word.

Available on Amazon, or my website www.ellasaussieadventures.com.au

Jetty Jumping by Andrea Rowe

A children's book "Jetty Jumping". It's cover is an illustration of childrenjoyfully jumping from a jetty into the sea.I released my debut children’s picture book with Hardie Grant children’s publishing. Jetty Jumping sold almost 4000 copies in 14 days. The reprint will reach our shores in the next two weeks. It’s been a huge hit with booksellers.


Works underway with Natasha D’Arcy

An illustrator's desk. On it is an in-progress illustration of a cake, a paint palette, paint brushes and a jar of water and books, etc.So many clever clogs on here. I’ve been writing children’s picture book stories on the side. One is with a publisher for consideration as we speak. This will be the third time I’ve made it to acquisitions, so fingers crossed it doesn’t get knocked back.

In the meantime, to alleviate my anxiety over said manuscript, I’ve set up a creation station to teach myself to water paint. It’s a great medium which forces me to let loose. In hindsight, the adrenaline rush I get from seeing the colours run, not knowing where they’re going to turn next is not really helpful for the anxiety, but they are pretty!


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