You may not know this, but it was Australian freelancing research that got the whole Freelance Jungle ball rolling. Finding out what challenges’ freelancers were facing way back in 2010 helped founder Rebekah Lambert feel like less of a dweeb. It highlighted that a lot of freelancers struggle with isolation. And it also identified the challenges with workflow managed, high stress, underpaying clients, late paying clients and more.

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A lot has changed since 2010 but the Australian freelancing landscape continues to show these issues. We know this through countless threads on how to extract late payment, dealing with troublesome clients and continually looking for tools to justify pay rates.

The isolation continues. There are freelancers feeling misunderstood by peers on threads in the main Freelance Jungle group, mental health challenges being investigated in our stress downs and there is still that lack of industry recognition we need to work on.

This needs to be qualified so it can be addressed properly.

We also need working examples of the positive benefits, a demographic snapshot and leverage this information to the best advantage. When speaking to politicians for advocacy, we need to know who you are.

What the Australian freelancing research hopes to achieve 

A little myth dispelling is necessary- so we’re looking at the longevity of your career in relation to freelancing. And why you chose to put traditional employment second in favour of freelance work.

We also want to look at any issues that might be keeping you away from meaningful freelance work, whether that’s forms of discrimination, issues with health, access or more.

It’s also a time for the Freelance Jungle to hear from you as a united voice on what would make your freelance journey simpler. Whether that’s education-wise or if it is something else.

We’re asking for specifics on your challenges. Oh, and we want to dispel the myth that freelancing is only the domain of people in capital cities and demonstrate just how far flung we all are. With that info, maybe we can start convincing employers that in-house doesn’t have to be a contract feature. Or politicians that job creation freelance-style is worthy of the same attention other areas receive.

We want to hear why you love freelancing too. It’s about celebrating the joy as much as it is identifying the issues.

Want to be a part of the Australian freelancing research and see what unfolds next?

Head to the survey now –

You can also help by:

  • Sharing this blog with interested parties, groups, friends and more
  • Putting the link to the survey on your social media profiles for your business and personal needs
  • Asking other people in various self-employment and freelancing groups to participate
  • Including the Australian freelance survey in your newsletters or email signature

The more responses we get, the better quality the information will be. The better quality the information, the more we have a demonstration of what the Australian freelance scene looks like in actuality.

Go ahead and give you answers to the 2019 Australian freelancing survey now.  


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