Enjoy the sounds of the Freelance Jungle

Introducing the Freelance Jungle Podcasts

Since 2011, the Freelance Jungle has been helping with advice, support and a small amount of merriment. It’s a part of the Australian freelance scene. Part social club, part online forum and all heart, it’s on a mission to end the isolation, raise the knowledge bar and remind freelancers everywhere stress has a productivity cost.

This is that mission in podcast form.

Hosted by Nicole Leedham and Freelance Jungle founder, Rebekah Lambert, the sounds of the freelance jungle can be heard as they explore issues, ideas and what it means to be self-employed in Australia.

We explore the issues, find the solutions and work through some of the thorny subjects within Australian freelancing.

What is covered on the Freelance Jungle podcast?

We launched our podcast gently, softly and with a small fanfare in March 2019. Our aim is to cover topics that are in line with our key areas of ending isolation, aiding with stress reduction, raising the knowledge bar and advocating for industry definition and recognition.

In 2021, we hit the mics again to discuss all kinds of freelance topics. 

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The Freelance Jungle has a Facebook community, virtual catch-ups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to education via podcasts, blogs, and online learning.



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