Reinvent your working life festival

Have you lost your job due to COVID or the bushfires?

Are you on your 47th work-related existential crisis for 2021?

Have the recent events highlighted you’d like a little more control over your working life?


The Freelance Jungle are giving you the opportunity to reinvent your working life.


This FREE series of workshops and presentations are designed to help you see if freelancing is the right career for you. You will be able to access information from people who have been made redundant and survived. Hear from people who have moved on from one field to another and are feeling pretty great about it. We’ll bust a few myths along the way. And you’ll learn general freelancing information to help kickstart a career on your own terms.


And the best part? It’s ENTIRELY FREE thanks to the generosity of Facebook Australia and Good2Give.


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Here's how we are different

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Our focus is on self-care.

That includes learning ways to wrangle clients, manage issues as they arise, get out of your own way, be content with your freelance career, create more space for creativity and more

It's for freelancers by freelancers

Unlike other freelance festivals, we’re putting the freelancers first. You’re hearing from people who have been through redundancy and/or reinvented their careers on their own terms. And you are hearing about real experiences from ex-teachers, journalists, government employees, corporates and more.

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It's help on what you need

No matter how beaten about by the economic downturn from Covid or the bushfires you might be, you can find a place to rejuvenate yourself at our freelance festival. With a focus on empowering you to make change, our festival is about you taking control of your working destiny.

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Watch us forever

As the Reinvent your Working life freelance festival is free, we can give you unprecedented access to all the talks for as long as you need. You can watch the talks as many times as you want to without charge, too. That way, no matter when you are ready to take the plunge, our freelance festival can help you kickstart your next career phase the right way.

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Less technical, more technique.

Our focus is on being the sommelier of creative information that you can apply to your business. That means we’re choosing topics that are designed to speak to a room full of freelancers, not just one employment strand

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De-stress and unwind.

We’re teaching you not only the skills to win work, transition from your old employment or kickstart your freelance journey properly. We’re also making it our business to help you with the softer skills, too. Our freelance festival has a high focus on recovery from redundancy and job loss. And how to reinvent your working life in a positive, proactive way.

What can you learn?

The topics for the Reinvent your Working Life freelance festival include:

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