Want to take your 2021 adventures higher?

Want to take your 2021 adventures higher?

We’ve got a kick arse range of courses and classes coming up you should take advantage of via the Patreon. We’re yet to set the dates yet, but the current inclusions go a little something like this:

One-off group classes

The Anti-problem

Are you stuck? Like super stuck with sprinkles on top? This is going to help you. Looking at an Anti-Problem is the best way to look at a singular problem or a broken-down freelance business. If you’ve run out of solutions, it’s time to zig while the others zag.

Useful for: moments where you are stuck on your business, idea or side project.

Pains and Gains

Are you clear on who your customers are?

Do you know what they care about? Or how to make them care?

Together, we look at the pains your customer experiences in their life that you might be able to solve and get clear on what matters most to your clients once and for all.

Useful for: adding definition to your clients and targeting your services to match.

Developing an elevator pitch

You’re on the 20th floor. Someone you want to pitch to has stepped in the elevator with you. How do you win them over and make your case known before you hit ground floor?

Why, with an elevator pitch of course!

We’ll be taking a look at what it takes to build a concise and appealing pitch for your freelance business or side hustle idea.

Useful for: cutting the crap out of your pitch and boosting your confidence while you do it.


Do you find yourself spending time listless and mindlessly scrolling social media? Does a small task take a long time because you begin to rearrange anything and everything in the cupboards to avoid it? Then Procrastibusters is for you.

Dig into the why and where to next of why you are procrastinating and get back that time now!

Useful for: checking in with your business, recouping time and shedding procrastination guilt.

All the one-off group classes are available to all levels. The roster will no doubt expand in 2021 as needs arise.


Lead Generation for non-arseholes

The idea of sales may make you spew like an actor on the Exorcist, but that’s usually because you’ve been generating leads and selling the wrong way. Let’s take the time to unpack your sales cringe and create a business development strategy even the biggest cringer feels comfortable with.

Useful for: getting away from bad sales tactics and building comfort and muscle with ones that work.

Mini courses (held over two to six-week sessions). Price TBA

Marketing for Introverts

The supremely popular course is back in 2021. Introvert marketing by introverts for introvert freelancers. Huzzah (quietly).

We take a format of presentation, class interaction and homework to get over that shy guy feeling.

Unit 1- Why are you and marketing at odds? Unpacking that cringe and putting it away for good

Unit 2- Who are you, anyway? Defining what makes you attractive to clients

Unit 3- Marketing on your own terms: Matching your marketing to your personality

Unit 4- Making time for marketing: Planning for consistent, low barrier effort

Optional Unit 5 one on one lesson.

Will be run on the $10 USD (or above) Patreon level.

How to get quality feedback

Your clients don’t know how to give feedback. You don’t know how to extract it. The tools you need to get good quality feedback are being ignored. Nobody knows the difference between an opinion and a useful feedback that can be applied to a project. Everyone (maybe even you) expects you to get it right first time and carries on like a prawn if you don’t.

Stop dinging your confidence and creating tension with your clients in the process. Let’s take a step-by-step approach to setting the expectations and ground rules, creating the environment for useful feedback, and teaching our clients – and ourselves – to get better at this whole feedback thing!

This course will run weekly for 4 to 6 weeks. Includes in class autopsy of client feedback as part of the process. Will be run on the $20 USD (or above) Patreon level.

Love ya business? Love ya finances

Join Freelance Jungle favourites accountant Holly Shoebridge, Rounded’s Oliver Garside and the Freelance Jungle’s Rebekah Lambert as we talk, teach and get proactive about those all-important freelance finances. With special guests and a whole bunch of interactive content and classes along the way, we’ll have you loving up those financial bits of your business in no time.

Course cost and run time TBA.

Deadline Party

Do you love the cool breeze of a deadline on your face as it goes whizzing by? We like to think that missing deadlines doesn’t mess with our creative process. But they can and they do.

That’s why the Freelance Jungle runs the Deadline Party.

We always have something we want to do, try, learn, create or launch… but there’s something else that’s always more important to be done. We end up with a bottleneck of creativity that torments and haunts us. Our ideas only finding themselves gaining air in rare moments or when someone says something at a dinner party that gives us a lead-in to describe our hidden dream.

A deadline party is aimed at keeping you accountable. We’re utilising the hairy eyeballs of your peers as well as turning it into a little online theatre at the same time.

The Deadline Party will run in winter for six weeks to warm up that creative heart and is available to all Patrons on $5 USD (or above)

Self-care for the self-employed

Take a walk through your business and attitudes to self-care and uncover the best ways to protect and nurture your best creative asset- you. Breakdown what matters most and look for ways to find your version of work-life balance in this interactive course format.

Self-care for the self-employed will run over six lessons on a fortnightly basis. Includes direct teaching, one-on-one sessions and homework. Will be run on the $10 USD (or above) level.


How to keep working when you’re dying on the inside

Part burn out recovery course, part COVID assistant, how to keep working when you’re dying on the inside is a ten-part exploration of what you need to work on your freelance business. Whether you need to make a radical change or you have some heavy life impacts getting in the way, this mental-health friendly course is designed to help you boost productivity, connect to work and make progress on your own terms again.

DOI will run for 10 lessons on a fortnightly basis and will be available to the $20 USD a month (or higher) level.

Jerk-free marketing

Get comfortable with your processes and promotion with this hands-on class that teaches you to own the heck out of your marketing without feeling like just another jerk.

Details TBA

The Accidental Community Manager

Are you an accidental community manager? Did you start a group or a social media page or profile because you believed in something? Did you love your local area or want to boost business in the area? Were you excited by the prospect of finding other people who loved craft beer or crafternoon as much as you do? Was it time to bring people in your industry together for support, shared knowledge and more?

Social media platforms can be tough at times. There’s bullying, trolling and disinhibition to contend with. There’s also a lack of consequences and a lot of high expectations, too. With pressure from COVID-19 making our online interactions even more intense, it’s tough being an accidental community manager. We’re dealing with people surviving off online interactions. Stress and negative interactions are on the increase. And we’re doing more with less.

That’s where this course comes in. I am offering the Accidental Community manager course in two formats:

An audio coaching course – this includes recorded lessons, workbook and working solo on your community. That way, you can learn in your own time and on your own terms with a minimal outlay. This is ideal for the community manager who wants to self-directed learning.

A full course experience – this includes fortnightly lessons with virtual classes, homework exercises (and feedback), group workshops, role plays, and more. Your community is your project, and we work on it together to achieve your goals. This is ideal for community managers who want to take your community to the next level. All with expert advice, structured learning, and tailored support.

This course will be releasing in March 2021. Price point TBA.


If you need personal one-on-one coaching, you can access it via Slack on the $50 USD level OR via virtual one-hour sessions at a cost of $149 a session including GST.

Pinkies that purchase 10 sessions in bulk receive a 20% discount and a structured, tailored coaching plan. You have the flexibility of choosing weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions to suit. To take advantage of this, please contact Rebekah via

But wait…there’s more!

This is not the complete roster by any stretch. It’s simply what is being built currently for 2021 release. In addition to speakers on design, animation, activism, creativity, escaping from freelance island, wrangling government contracts, how to host a career rebellion and more, the Freelance Jungle educational roster looks bigger, bolder and brighter than ever before.

The Freelance Jungle has a Facebook community, virtual catch-ups for stress reduction and networking, and a commitment to education via podcasts, blogs, and online learning.



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