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There's no need to do this all alone

We all need a little stress reduction in life

Stress today is a bunch of different things. It’s the demands we have placed on us by work. It’s the hyper-connectivity to the internet that never truly allows us to get some peace. It’s social media notifications and online peer approval. It’s responsibilities that tug and push and pull like some dazed merry-go-round.

But what if you could take that feeling of being under pressure and shift it into something more productive? If you could say goodbye to the tightness in your head and give yourself some room to breathe without having to shut out the entire world to do it?


This stress reduction eBook is here to help you catch a breath and get some sunshine. And to grab back the things that matter to you most. All while putting the things that cast the longest shadow over our lives back into perspective.

Oh, and it’s completely free.

In 10 wonderful steps, you can take a little bit of yourself back. Focus on creating space in your life and tackle your working life with some new perspective.

This won’t change your life as much as Oprah. You won’t come out so Zen the Dalai Lama tweets you up as his next replacement.

But you can grab a little wisdom, some ideas and a lot of heart right here and now.

And you may even feel better for it.


From enjoying the silence through to making the most of your working day, the 10 part take back is about reminding you to enjoy creation.

It’s about self promoting without being a jerk, remembering to exercise and a few other things we forget in our working lives.

Think of this as the little voice inside your head that says “you don’t have to work so many hours to succeed” receiving an Inbox ally.

And then some.

So what have you got to lose? Put yourself first and stop struggling through.

Make a commitment to the 10 part take back now.


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