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The nature of Australia and our relationship with death is changing. The sheer volume of Baby Boomers means that dying at home has to become a normal, natural and viable option. Our desire to move away from the solemn, traditional and the religious means how we celebrate our life and death needs to transform.

We want to experience death on our own terms. We’d prefer to choose simplicity over stress and peace over problems. Leaving behind fear and dread, we want to be the person we are during the end of life or life limiting period prior to death. And to leave this world with the least amount of heartache possible inflicted on those left behind.

That’s why death literacy is so important and a driving force for a growing field of care givers called death doulas.

But how do you break through the stigma and present yourself as a helper on the journey to greater understanding of self? How do you introduce and market the concept of a good death?


Note: Class requires 4 participants to go ahead. Venue will be chosen to suit class needs.

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As end of life care practitioners and death doulas, we have a unique ability to plumb the depths many shy away from. Our problem is usually that we suck at marketing ourselves.

By having a sustainable business, you’re electing to:

  • Create a business that is in this field for the long haul. You want to help as many people as you can through ensuring your business pays its way
  • Use growth as a tool to provide opportunity. For example, you may provide paid services to some to help offset costs for the less fortunate. Or you may have income from one area to help pay for free or low cost offerings of a different kind
  • Embrace marketing as a way of improving death literacy and fly the flag for death doulas and end of life care everywhere
  • Find your own voice and share your story in an intimate way to attract the clients you’re best suited to


We’ll spend a day together crafting your pitch, checking out the avenues for marketing and getting through the process of business marketing basics.

This will include:

  • How to market yourself without feeling like a jerk
  • Learning the standards and regulations set down by the medical writers association and industry standards when producing marketing material
  • Crafting your business voice
  • Investigating and identifying channels for your marketing such as websites, blogging, social media and more
  • Carving out your network for further marketing support and areas of interest

You will also receive the opportunity to:

  • Join the Freelance Jungle, a community for self employed people and small business owners for information sharing and networking
  • Continue on for further in depth studies in marketing with me at a 20% discount
  • Take advantage of business coaching


A special price of $350 for students who have completed the Preparing the Way phase 3 course within the last 12 months is on offer if you purchase before April 18th 

Note: Class requires 4 participants to go ahead. Venue will be chosen to suit class needs.


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