Day 1 – Marketing for Non-Jerks – Brisbane


Hey there, Brisbane. Wanna spend the day together?

Grab yourself some DAY 1 action-

How to market yourself without feeling like a jerk

VENUE TBC but will most likely be city, Valley or Gabba

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Shake off that jerk feeling and let’s get you comfortable with your marketing, shall we?

This is all about ditching the razzle dazzle jazz hands in favour of becoming comfortable with your marketing.


  • Examining why we often have a hugely screwed up relationship with marketing
  • Selecting what we do and don’t want from the kind of marketing we want to do
  • Uncovering techniques that can help you market your business
  • Discovering your own personal style when it comes to marketing
  • Developing creative processes to keep you ahead of the marketing curve
  • Identifying what kinds of marketer you don’t want to be

Comes with:

  • Expert advice
  • Exercises (solo and group) throughout the day
  • Take home party pack of things to help you market yourself
  • Lunch & light refreshments provided


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