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Blogger or influencer (as in food, travel, fashion etc. NOT content writers who blog) , Copywriting and content writing (inclusive of SEO etc), Editing and proofing services , Writer/author 
Business Bio:

Ruth Dawkins is a freelance communications professional based in Hobart, Tasmania.

Ruth offers copywriting, editing and proofreading for small businesses, universities, not-for-profits, and the tourism sector. She is also an experienced feature writer in the areas of lifestyle, parenting and travel.

Copywriting and content writing (inclusive of SEO etc), Editing and proofing services , Journalism, Marketing & related services (e.g. social media, general marketing etc) , Writer/author 
Business Bio:

All of your Australian digital marketing and copywriting needs, from the best in the business.

Instructional design, curriculum design, course writing , E-learning, Training and trainers 
Business Bio:

Procedures can be simple.
Training can be fun.

Information and instructional writing services including;
- E-learning Course Development
- User Guides
- Procedures & Work Instructions

Branding , Market Research, Management Consulting, Workshop facilitation, coordination, invention
Business Bio:

Dualist researcher with 20+ years international experience, client and agency side, with proven expertise in qual, quant and brand strategy. Vast knowledge of multiple markets, categories, businesses, brands and consumers. Passionate designer of innovative research solutions combined with a creative delivery of actionable insights.

Auditing , Change management , Education services (e.g. teachers, consulting to schools, freelance uni lecturers etc) , Management Consulting, Non-profit Organisation Management
Business Bio:

Helping organisations strengthen their governance systems by building in-house knowledge and confidence.

Marketing & related services (e.g. social media, general marketing etc) , Website design, Website development, Web producing (e.g. producer in agency, project management) 
Business Bio:

Design Grid Digital Marketing was the concept of our Director, Mel Bedggood. Whilst we are new on the scene (established June 2019), we have over 15 years experience working on major websites such as:

Tennis Australia

We are proudly owned and operating in Footscray, Melbourne, Australia. At Design Grid Digital Marketing, we value diversity and are an equal opportunity employer. We are powered by an experienced in-house team as well as an extensive network of creative freelance professionals who share the same ideals as us.

Our mission
We enhance and help our clients to grown in their respective markets, delivering products and services that are:


We like good working relationships and you can expect us to:





Concept art, finished art and related services 
Business Bio:

Flat White Images is a post-production studio that specializes in
high-end retouching, compositing and colour grading for commercial and editorial purposes. Our areas of expertise lies in beauty and fashion retouching, but we also cater for the needs of smaller, more independent photographers and have equally enjoyed retouching everything from personal portraits, to products, portfolios, and even pets. With over a decades experience in the field, we'd love to help you with your next post-production project.

Flat White represents a fresh piece of paper. A clean slate where new ideas, illustrations, photographs, concepts and most creative processes can be noted on or produced from. It is also one of my favourite beverages - similar to a cappuccino. If you want me on your team and your project's budget is non-existent, you may be able to bribe me with large amounts of coffee.

Give me a shout if you feel that I would be a good retoucher for your project. Or if you would just like to chat over a cup of caffeine.

Architecture & Planning and strategy, Concept art, finished art and related services , Online Publishing, Research, Writer/author 
Business Bio:

Speciality writer on art, architecture, interior design, history and culture

Creative direction inclusive of art director , Direction - film, theatre, TV etc , Lighting - e.g. film, photography, interior etc , Photography
Business Bio:

I'm an internationally published Sydney based photographer specialising in people, fashion, lifestyle and a bit of everything in between. With over 10 years experience in the industry, I've captured imagery for clients including: McDonald's, Bizcover Insurance, Elucent Skincare, Mangoes Australia and Western Sydney University.

Graphic Design
Business Bio:

Here's to the self-made. The goal setters. The entrepreneurs of the world, kicking ass and getting it done.

I see you there: determined, passionate, revolutionary. Your drive is inspiring. Your ideas are impressive. I salute you, fellow business owner.

And I am here for you.

In such a busy and crowded space, there is only one thing will immediately set you apart – consistent high quality design. Clarke Street Creative is here to help transform your ideas into masterpieces. Online, in print, on your merchandise, stationery and signage; wherever you are, I will bring your ideas to life, help you attract clients, and give you back the time you need to just get on with business.

App development and associated services , Coaching and mentoring services inclusive of business, life, performance etc , Information Technology & Services including networking, help desk, troubleshooting, security etc , Website design, Website development
Business Bio:

As a business designer, Aaron is an expert in leveraging entrepreneurial skills and qualities in business, corporate and non-profit settings. He has the uncanny ability of tapping into people's hidden talents for one of the most powerful tools in organisational growth and business. Using the brute force of systems, processes, automation, technology and software, tempered with all the empathy and vision of inclusion, Aaron efficiently greases all the wheels of a company for operational, technological and business success and sustainable growth.

Copywriting and content writing (inclusive of SEO etc)
Business Bio:

James Mawson is a technology literate copywriter, content marketer and inbound strategist who gets you seen online by buyers.

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