Take your freelancing higher

Are you self employed? Do the words sales and marketing make you break into hives? Are you sick of chasing bad debt? Does the mere mention of flu and taking time off seriously impact your stress levels?

Then YOU need this course.

Self employment and freelancing in Australia is a growing industry. But as many of us that have done the hard yards can testify, you learn a lot of stuff the hard way.

The internet seems to be alive and swimming with all kinds of boil-in-the-bag marketing techniques and quick fixes. They promise you’ll become a thought leader (barf!) and make a 6 figure income in 3 easy steps (double barf).

All while posing with your arms folded, your testimonials shiny and the same old contrived formula oozing from the copy.

It’s the modern day gold rush where the guys selling the pans make money off those eager to buy the dream at cost.


In the last (almost) 8 years, I have had the privilege to speak to thousands of freelancers and small business owners. I’ve done this through working directly in the small business and startup space. I also run a thriving online and offline community of freelancers. I’ve coached, coaxed, cajoled, comforted and challenged countless self employed people.

Freelancers and self employed people are allergic to marketing with good reason. It’s always presented as some paint by numbers experience. Some foreign language you’re forced to learn.

But this is bullshit. Because marketing that works is actually about allowing your voice to rise above the din. It’s about attracting the customers you want to work with by being proud to tell your story. And by helping.

It’s about finding the people that know more than how to write a good ad.

My main has always been to end the isolation inherent with self employment. I want to raise the bar of the self employed community by ensuring we’ve got access to information, support, ideas and a safe space in which to dwell.

It’s about building a community based on our skills and matching our personality with the right customers.

No cringe marketing

How to market yourself without feeling like a jerk

Better client relations

How to tiger tame difficult clients (and exercise self care in the process).

Future proof your business

Creating a disaster proof business for even the most un-adult adult


We’ve all got an Achilles heel. Mine is being able to smile and take money from projects I don’t believe in. Or putting up with smack talk from people I don’t admire.

Yours might be one of the topics listed above but not the others. That’s OK. Part of being a smart small business owner or savvy freelancer is knowing your strengths and weaknesses. This course is designed to focus on what you need help with and to leave well enough alone.

You can book all 3 days for $600 OR choose 1 day for $250 a day

That way, you’re not bored in the corner, wondering why you came and I don’t have to feel wigged out by having someone in the room that is pretty unimpressed. Win, win!

Learn marketing without feeling like a jerk

Does this sound like you?

  • While you may be brilliant at your chosen field, the idea of sales pages, funnels and marketing sounds downright icky
  • Whenever you jump onto one of those “follow me and download this bullshit to get a six figure income” makes you want to puke a kitten
  • You recognise you have to get out there and develop your business but most of the courses, techniques and ideas you hear sound plastic and tacky
  • You know you do a good job- but you cringe a little inside each time you’re expected to sell yourself

Then you need DAY 1 – How to market yourself without feeling like a jerk

Want to make life easier and get out of your head in the process? 

It’s not all about the marketing. Client management can also make or break your freelance business.

Does this sound like you?

  • You dread telling clients that their idea may not work
  • You often find yourself in subservience to the client as opposed to being in service of the client
  • Some of the hardest parts of your working life include locking down a brief, avoiding scope creep and managing the client’s wife’s auntie’s dog groomer having a say on the project

You suck at getting paid on time and you don’t know how to handle situations where the client wants a refund and/or is refusing to pay for work completed

Saying no and managing client expectations is your kryptonite

  • Stress, procrastination, self doubt and conflict with the client are regular features of your working life

Then saddle up for DAY 2 – How to tiger tame difficult clients (and exercise self care in the process)

Do you want to future proof your business? 

Does this sound like you?

  •  You have no idea how you would handle a PR or social media disaster for your client, let alone your own business
  •  Words like super, savings and profit make you cringe and/or avoid conversations
  •  Sickness, injury, incapacitation and even taking time off for holidays are things your business plans don’t allow for
  •  You have sleepless nights worried about what would happen to your family should they lose your income. And/or the way you fund your business is reliant on your partner staying employed

It’s time to build a safety net on DAY 3 – Creating a disaster proof business for even the most un-adult adult

What freelancers say about my training

This is the place where someone usually talks about how amazing they are. They load up a bunch of bitching testimonials that really hammer the idea home. The trouble with that is it’ll make me sound like the exact same thing you are trying to avoid. And if you’re smart, savvy and cynical like me, you’ll know no one puts a shitty testimonial on their sales page. It’s all smoke and mirrors anyway.

Instead, I will make a promise to you. If you book this course and get sweet Fanny Adams from the time and money spent, I’ll personally coach you. We’ll have a virtual coaching session each month to talk about your business for 6 months for free. That’s $600 worth of value all about you.

Here are some rad words by people that have had me coach them so you know this is actually a pretty freaking awesome deal:

I was in a place of immense overwhelm, drowning under the weight of doing the work, managing the work, evaluating opportunities, and trying to enjoy my life separate from work. I undertook one of Bek’s coaching calls, and she helped me sort through the spaghetti bowl I had found myself tangled in. 

Bek patiently helped me examine each aspect, and untangle them using her perfect balance of supportive guidance, and the dose of reality that I required.

She is thoughtful, caring, experienced and fun to talk with. Bek’s ability to look at situations from various angles and ask pertinent questions achieved exactly what I needed from her business coaching: the assistance to find my own answers, and re-develop my confidence to move forward successfully. 

Her follow up list of recommended tasks and recording of our session were additional unexpected but incredibly valuable resources to keep me on track and accountable. Erica Stacey

Owner, Scout Digital

Bek is the  mastermind and soul behind The Freelance Jungle Meet-Up, providing constant support and insights to the wider Australian freelance world – and with that inevitably saving our strange breed from a tragic and premature death brought on by loneliness and boredom.

 She has the ability to effortlessly master the gap between humour and business, without losing effectiveness and always keeping the end goal in mind. She’s also the friendly nudge, pushing you gently back onto the business-minded path, no matter how revolutionary your heart would like to go. Running a business with a point of difference, it was very important for me to keep DBTTs unique style, without sacrificing the professionalism and quality we provide our clients with.

I have had the pleasure to engage in a workshop with Bek, going through all the pains and hick-ups of DBTTs website, which she provided in her generous quest of going above and beyond for her clients along the way. The end result was a bunch of very happy robots, an optimised backend labyrinth and thankfully having deprived of the terms “scary” and “overwhelmingness”. Rollbret Ulschi

Founder, Don't Believe the Type

I have huge respect for the work Bek Lambert does within the freelance community. She not only has wide experience in all facets of marketing, writing and running a successful solo business, but she shares her knowledge and insights with straight-talking respect and kindness.

So, when I realised I needed some one-on-one expertise and a fresh perspective to help me direct my own marketing efforts as a freelancer, Bek, from Unashamedly Creative was my obvious choice.

Bek helped me enormously. She helped cut through the waffle that was holding me back and offered some clear, easy to-dos to help me focus on the direction that would work best for my business. And that’s the thing. Bek takes the time to get to know you and what you want to achieve – she doesn’t throw a heap of irrelevant buzz words at you and simply say ‘There you go’! Instead, she listens, guides and prompts you to think in a warm and approachable way and you come away from a single hour with her with a feeling of direction and action. Carla Beth Anderson

Freelance writer


Ok, so you want some credibility to mix into the learning juices? I am a product manager and marketer of some 20 years experience.

I’ve launched products and events both nationally and internationally. I’ve been a working freelancer for almost 8 years and this has included working with the likes of the ABC, HP, Lavalife, SEEK, Bupa, countless startups, digital agencies, small businesses and more. I’m a qualified events manager and have done everything from high end deal brokering dinners through to singles mixers.

I have extensive experience in stress reduction and high stress situation management. In 2015, I was part of a working group charged with the responsibility of improving communication between small business and mental health body, Beyond Blue. I hold a diploma in crisis management and am certified in the ASIST suicide prevention model. I also hold a mental health first aid certificate. I’ve completed 3 phases of end of care (otherwise known as being a death doula). That included prevention of financial and legal impacts in cases of prolonged illness and sudden death.

I’ve taken ‘the myth of work-life balance in a get ahead culture’ and ‘the future of work is freelance’ to sell out crowds at Vivid Ideas as a part of Vivid Sydney. I’ve coached hundreds of freelancers. And annoyed more white collar slum lords paying peanuts and cheesed off more agency suits than you’ve had guilty treat breaks.

INTERESTED? New dates to be advised. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I hope to get from learning with you?
My aim is to give you the courage, tools and skills necessary to craft a business that feels like your own. I want you to walk away shaking off that marketing and business development cringe. I want you to go home inspired to put in a practical framework to deal with every day challenges. And hopefully, help you sleep at night safe in the knowledge that your business is thriving instead of surviving and protected against what life can throw up.
Who is this course for?
Anyone in freelancing and small business that wants to shake off the checklist advice to marketing and that wants to feel comfortable and confident in their business skin. You also have to be willing to listen, to talk and to work with the group to move forward.
Who isn't this course for?

This isn’t for anyone that is a serial course participant or someone that has never made money and over-spends on education to make up for that lack of actual business. I need serious people that want to make their business work. It also isn’t for people that want some easy colour-by-numbers plan. Or people that shy away from hard work. You have to be willing to unlearn a few things, hear a few hard truths and build something with a plan of hard work and deeper understanding of self.

My city isn't listed. Does that mean I miss out?

Not at all! I’m happy to take this course anywhere you want me as long as the interest supports it! Tell me where you want me and if I get 4 or more people, I will put on a course in your local area. I already have interest from Launceston, Wollongong, Darwin and Cairns so if you add your voice (or your city) you never know your luck! Please note: Places without airports cannot be considered at this time.

I have a group of death doulas/advocates/writers etc that would love this. Is it for them?
The course is designed to help all people. BUT I am available to design curriculum that caters to specific areas including (but not limited to) targeted freelance groups, professionals in end of life care, agency freelancers, writers, people in mental health services, startup and more. All I ask is that you have 4 or more people interested in the same field in the same city or town to make it worth my while. Curious? Get in touch via rebekah (at) unashamedlycreative (dot) com (dot) au
Will you be doing this course online?
This may be planned for the future. It is dependent on uptake. It’s better at this stage to invite me to your city or town.
How about doing it for free or giving me a special rate because...
Shhhh…let’s not embarrass you further by finishing that question. Part of sustainable business is charging what you are worth and not doing freebies for people that think they are special enough to warrant it. I can’t use exposure dollars to pay my mortgage or buy the tasty chocolate pretzels they sell at my local shops. Don’t make the mistake of devaluing my experience and willingness to help you by showing no respect for what’s on offer here. If you see value in the course, make a commitment to seeing to happen by paying to attend.
If I pay for the course and my circumstances change, what happens?
I have an expectation that you as a business owner will have your shit together enough to be able to successfully set aside 1 to 3 days to learn. If you don’t, you probably need this course more than most and would be shooting yourself in the foot royally by booking and not showing up. Refunds will only be permitted if the big 3 occur- unplanned illness, death in the family and attack of giant squids. You may join another city’s workshop at a later date but this is subject to availability. I’m also not your Mum so will not be arranging your accomodation or paying for additional costs associated with your decision to join us outside your home town.
If I think this sucks, what happens? (What is your refund policy?)
I mentioned this before, but here it is again. I will make a promise to you. If you book this course and get sweet Fanny Adams from the time and money spent, I’ll personally coach you. We’ll have a virtual coaching session each month to talk about your business for 6 months for free. That’s $600 worth of value all about you.