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Emily Rhodes Copywriter

How would you describe your business?

I produce delicious, informative content written in exactly the words you would use if you could get the voice in your head out onto the page. No, not that voice. The other one - the one where you always say the right thing and everyone is so desperate to get their hands on your product or service they'd happily pay double your rate (well, we can wish, right?).

I write across many industries but my area of expertise is food and home appliance business content. I have an extensive history developing recipes and copy for FMCG, food, drink and large scale home appliance companies. In recent years I have focused on applying these skills to help smaller food businesses tell their stories.

What freelance services do you offer?

  • Copywriter - SEO, creative and/or advertising
  • Editor/Proofer (content)
  • Journalist
  • Writer

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Where are you located?

Perth, WA, Australia