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Black Coffee Communication

How would you describe your business?

Black Coffee Communication is a boutique communication agency specialising in crafting a marketing message that never sleeps.

Word Barista, Nicole Leedham has enjoyed a somewhat accidental career path, covering almost every facet of PR, marketing and communications – journalism, copywriting, editing, media management, publications, stakeholder engagement, sponsorship, advertising (including mass media campaigns), corporate documents, project management and more. Clients not only benefit from her way with words, but also her extensive knowledge of business – budgets, strategic plans, staff management, corporate governance and more.
So not only can Black Coffee Communication help with your communication needs, Nicole understands how marketing and public relations fits into the bigger picture.

All this knowledge is then blended with extensive research of your business, target audience and prospective customers to brew your perfect marketing message that will never sleep, even when you do.

What freelance services do you offer?

  • Blogger
  • Copywriter - SEO, creative and/or advertising
  • Journalist
  • Marketer
  • Publicist and/or PR professional


Where are you located?

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia