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Alana Schetzer

How would you describe your business?

Alana Schetzer is a professional journalist, editor, copywriter, media consultant and academic. She worked for The Age for five years as a news reporter, where she covered politics, sports, crime, health, business and more. Alana freelances for publications including ABC, SBS, The Guardian,, Vice and many more.

She has done copywriting and content work for Monash University, the Victoria Responsible Gambling Foundation, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, Australian Psychological Society and more.
Alana is also a media trainer and academic and has taught at University of Melbourne and RMIT.

Alana Schetzer is open to opportunities across journalism, editing, copywriting, and media, PR, and communication consultancy work.

What freelance services do you offer?

  • Blogger
  • Copywriter - SEO, creative and/or advertising
  • Editor/Proofer (content)
  • Journalist
  • Publicist and/or PR professional
  • Teacher
  • Writer