Freelance artists and the art of freelancers are two different things, sometimes. Many freelancers, whether they choose the vocation of art, design or urban art creator are often drawn to art in their spare time. It both upskills us and relaxes us.

Here is a collection of freelance artists and the art of freelancers of all different kinds

Freelance artists on display

Kaleidoscopic with Rhiannon Hopley

My project is Kaleidoscopic, an exhibition for strange times.

We turned a street facing window into an exhibition space.

For anyone in Sydney and around the Inner West, it is displaying a weekly rotation of work by artists, viewable 24/7.

Mural painting with Danielle Said

I painted my first mural on the weekend. 16 hours of painting, who would’ve thought! Was great to get out into the community and hang out, meet people. I had some friends come and help. I don’t know that’d I rush to do one on a fence again, but I love paint as a medium and looking forward to experimenting some more!

Freelance artists Danielle Said sits in front of a whole fence mural.

Danielle Said with mural

Chips and Friends with Amy Heague

I recently partnered with an artist to illustrate a kid’s book I wrote. This week I got the artwork. Art by Ash Green Art of Canberra.

Art as work or product

Check out the freelance artists using their skills to wow clients and create great products.

Drawing with Elizabeth Kelly

I’ve had a really good day in the studio today working on some initial pencil drafts for a new design. The brief has been really interesting and different to what I usually get asked to do and I’ve been wandering off into all kinds of research avenues as well to pull some of the ideas together for this. Plus learning a lot more about the botanical heritage of Iran in the process and discovering some cool flowers. I hope the client loves the direction I’ve taken this but if not, I’ve still had a great creative day working on it.

Concrete pots with Jenna Rank

I’ve been making my little concrete pots and also pompoms! Hoping to set up my Etsy store by the end of the month. Super grounding, when all your work and efforts are on a computer, to create something physical and tactile with your own hands. Also, they’re super cute!

ChrisBeeArt with Christine Bernard

I’ve been working on some drawings that I’ll selling through Etsy. They’ll be for children’s rooms, (people can choose which letter they want for their child). Here is my fox drawing. I have three more. I’m hoping to put them up this week to sell.

Learning by doing

Some freelance artists continually sharpen their skills through self-driven challenges.

Lettering with Jaccob William Laurence McKay

I recently bought an iPad for my design work, so I’ve been practicing lettering and illustrations.

Jaccob William Laurence McKay

Art exploration with Rowan Mc

More development of process from when last posted in this thread. I call this “Studies into Neoliberal Man #8”.

Art by Rowan Mc

Freelance artists of a different kind

From music, to skateboards and social media, you find us anywhere there is potential for inspiration.

CVLT Nation with Cormac Siochain

My band’s second LP is out, it was recorded in Nov/Dec last year, but we had to push the release back until now cos the pressing plants were delayed with all the chaos. It also means that we can’t do any touring or release gigs etc, so instead we got creative with various ways of promoting it. Result is that we’ve already almost sold out the first press of 1000 records from presales alone! We recorded a live set last week that CVLT Nation are going to premiere to coincide with the release, they published a preview this morn and it’s already gotten a couple thousand views so that’s pretty cool!

Skateboard art with Azz West art

This is not mine- but my friend Aaron lost his job first week of COVID-19 hell in March. He’s a chef by trade. He’s turned his hand to his second love, art.

Featuring the kick arse skate deck. His Instagram handle is @azzwest_art

Go check his stuff out. He’s new to it all and could do with the encouragement. His Etsy shop is coming soon.

Social media cats with Felicia Pettersson

A new instagram hobby project if any cat lovers or other fun peeps are interested in following us – I’ve become a sidekick to this adorable kitten that I just adopted. I’m teaching him swimming and walking on a leash so that we can do cool things like travelling together when opportunity finally arises. The IG covers our journey learning and doing cool stuff together that cats supposedly “can’t” do “because they’re a cat”. All with cute everyday pics and a bit of storytelling.

IG handle @pettersson_and_findus


Art with a conscience

You’ll often find freelance artists using their skills to educate others. Here are some examples.

Awekids with Mariela Diaz-Rojas

This is my new Activity and Colour in for my Awekids page. This month is dedicated to therapy animals and guide dogs. So, if you have a little one or consider yourself one, then grab this A4 freebie. I hope you have a furrific time! Link is for the high res.version.

NSW Bushfires book with Zoe Simmons

I’m writing a book! I lived through the NSW bushfires and was originally writing articles of my community’s experiences. But realised there’s so much more! And to do our stories justice… book. I’m about 10k words through my first draft EEK.

I have no links, but I do have this video of the morning before we left our house.

Freelance artists take on all kinds of projects, as you can see. If you want to meet a few for yourself, why not try looking for their name on the freelance directory?

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