Guest blogging

Scoop out that wonderful freelance brain and put it on the page now

What’s all this guff about guest blogging? 

Have you got a way with words? Want to share that big expensive freelance brain of yours in tantalising blog-sized chunks for the benefit of other freelancers?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The Freelance Jungle is always looking for fun, informative, relevant and useful blogs that other freelancers can use. We also accept videos, animations and infographic work.  

Here’s some rough writing and submission guidelines:

  • We accept original content only. So please do not submit blogs you have published elsewhere
  • Blogs need to be written in a web friendly way. You can download this handy template to help you as a guide
  • Blogs need to be longer than 600 words but no more than 1200 words in length
  • If you are submitting an animation, video, infographic, podcast or some form of non-written content, please include a 300 word explanation to accompany it on the blog
  • Blatant self promotion stuff is not welcome. So please be mindful of your topics
  • Preference is given to actual freelancers, not companies attempting to make money off them
  • We don’t take paid submissions and can’t pay for submissions
  • All blogs must be error free (so no typos or glaring problems)
  • We love sharing the love around here. If we can swap a blog (i.e. provide you one for your blog), that’s super rad
  • Include a 70 word (or less) bio with your website links and 2 main social links with your submission as well as a photo of you and a photo to go with the blog
  • Please submit all blogs via TBA
  • Please allow up to 28 days to see your blog live on the website
  • We reserve the right to decline content if we deem it not in keeping with the Freelance Jungle

The kinds of topics we find are useful on the Freelance Jungle blog are:

  • Technical and how to blogs
  • Help with marketing, branding and promotion
  • In focus pieces on particular freelance crafts (e.g. design, web development, coaching, copy etc)
  • Interviews of freelancers about relevant topics
  • Tools of the trade style tips and lists (e.g. great apps, easy ways to fix things etc)
  • Advice on business development, lead generation and customer acquisition
  • Legal and accounting advice (from proper professional accountants and lawyers!)
  • Financial advice such as rate setting, how to save etc
  • Pain point alleviation – so common issues such as managing scope, workload, chasing late payment and so on
  • Ideas and creativity
  • Stress reduction and mental health
  • Blogs for all levels of the freelance journey. We’re particularly interested in intermediate and advanced level content as it can be difficult to come by
  • Inspirational and aspirational content that helps with the day to day grind of freelance life
  • Relevant life management tips* (e.g. managing family, health, mental health and freelancing or things to consider if you freelance overseas or while travelling)
  • Opinion pieces, rants, rights advocacy and social commentary**

The key is relevance and ensuring the content shared adds value to the freelancing journey

What we won’t accept:

  • Press releases
  • Blatant self promotion
  • *While the Freelance Jungle contains a lot of parents and digital nomads, this is not a parenting and/or travel blog. Nor is it specific to health, disability or mental health. Relevance to freelancing is paramount
  • **Opinion pieces, rants, rights advocacy and social commentary that are sexist, racist, homophobic and/or otherwise mock, humiliate or shame members of the Freelance Jungle community
  • Blogs that are designed to divide and create anger for the specific purpose of creating agitation. The world has enough crap for the sake of being a jerk. Don’t bring it here



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